This agreement (hereinafter – the agreement) governs the relationship between the client and the agent (jointly referred to as “parties”, and individually also – “party”) in terms of mediation services provided by the agent. By placing an order in accordance with the agreement, the client confirms his agreement and acceptance of the terms of the agreement.

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1. Basic concepts:

1.1. Agent – service, providing intermediary services to customers in accordance with the agreement;
1.2. Client / customer – an individual who is interested and / or turned to the agent for receiving intermediary services;
1.3. Mediation services – agent’s actions performed by the agent on his own behalf, but at the expense of the client, aimed at organizing the client’s interaction with the players to carry out certain actions in the framework of the respective game;
1.4. The game is a role-playing computer-based online game with elements of the real-time strategy of the MOBA genre, called League of Legends (abbreviated LoL);
1.5. Player \ performer \ booster – a person who increases rank in the game or increases level;
1.6. Game object – game account, game resource, game item;
1.7. Game account – an account containing information about the player, his game character and his progress in the game;
1.8. Game currency – game money (RP, Blue Essence, Orange Essence, Hextech Chest), recognized by the rules of the respective game as a game means of payment or another game conditional unit, which is a measure of one or another game value;
1.9. The game item – game weapons, armor, clothing, artifacts, other things, as well as other individually defined items used in the game;
1.10. Boosting account – actions carried out in accordance with the rules of the game through appropriate participation in the game, aimed at:
a) an increase in certain game indicators: rank, experience, skills, level, skills, etc.
b) the passage of a gaming stage;
1.11. Agent’s website – agent’s website located under the domain name

2. Ordering and receiving services.

2.1. The client is obliged to carefully read the agreement and other rules and instructions relating to the provision of agent mediation services (posted on the site of the agent).
2.2. To place an order, the customer selects the required service through the calculator and form on the agent’s website and fills in all the fields marked as required. Among other things, these fields will contain the essential terms of the transaction concluded by the agent with third parties (players) for the execution of the agreement. The agent has the right to depart from the specified conditions only on condition that provided incorrect information from the customer.
In relation to conditions not specified by the client, the agent is entitled to act at its discretion.
2.3. The client, sending the completed form to the agent, gives his full and unconditional consent to comply with the agreement and other conditions of the agent’s services set out on the agent’s website, as well as the terms of transactions chosen by the client when filling out the form (nature, amount of services, their cost, etc.) on which the agent will enter into transactions with third parties in pursuance of the agreement.
2.4. After sending the order form, the client makes payment at the specified rate. The specified amount of payment is sent by the agent to pay for the player’s actions on the transaction concluded with the agent in the interests of the client, and also includes the agent’s remuneration under the agreement.
2.5. Payment is made by any of the methods specified on the agent’s website. Parties by mutual agreement may choose a different method of payment.
2.6. The agent undertakes to take the necessary actions in pursuance of the agreement within a reasonable time. As a rule, the agent specifies the approximate deadlines for the corresponding order on the agent’s website.
2.7. The client may instruct the agent to enter into a transaction with the player to perform actions leading to the transfer to the client of the game object, leveling, leveling, character, or for other purposes, as well as other actions specified on the agent’s website.
2.8. In the case of ordering intermediary services aimed at boosting the rank, level or character of the client, the client undertakes to transfer the necessary information to the agent (the game account data is for entering the game and implementing the game process). The client understands and agrees that the specified information will be transferred by the agent to the contractor (booster), which the agent will find, for the implementation of boosting. The client undertakes not to use his gaming account without the prior consent of the agent.
2.9. If the agent did not fulfill the client’s order within the contractual period, the agent may ask to wait some more time (within reasonable limits) until the order has been completed completely. If the order is delayed for a very large amount of time, and for any reason it is not possible to complete it, then a partial refund to the client is possible at the discretion of the agent. As a rule, the refund amount is determined on the basis of the unfinished progress on a specific order.

3. Special conditions:

3.1. The client understands and confirms that the agent acts on behalf of the client, that the agent performs only intermediary functions for the client and cannot be held responsible for the possible actual and / or legal consequences of the player’s performance (booster). Also, there is a small risk of getting game sanctions from the administration of the game for certain actions, including blocking the account for transferring it to the performer to increase the rating; The agent is only responsible for the proper execution of the actions ordered by the client, but is not responsible for the subsequent actions of the server administration.
3.2. On the part of the agent, the proper signing (an analog of a handwritten signature) will also be considered as placing documents on the agent’s website, since only the agent and persons authorized by him have the right to access information posted on the agent’s website. Documents posted on the site as a result of criminal acts of third parties will not be legally binding on the parties.
3.3. Messages sent from the contact email addresses of the parties are documents written in simple written form and duly signed by the corresponding party (sender) analogue of the handwritten signature. The parties agree that such documents (messages) will have legal force without any additional confirmation or execution (including without their own handwriting), unless otherwise expressly indicated on the agent’s website or agreed by the parties.

4. The basic conditions for boosting ranks and training.


4.1. In order for us to boost your account in a solo, we need at least one full rune (slot) of runes.
4.2. The account must have at least level 30 or higher (if we are talking about raising ranks).
4.3. Your account should have a minimum pool of 20 of any available champions, so that we can enter the ranking queue.


4.4. In order for us to boost your account in the duo, the customer must be killed in that he will be able to adequately play his role at a normal level, up to the ordered rank. When playing in the duo with our booster, the client is not allowed to deliberately “troll”, specifically merge games, deliberately feed the enemy team, stand afk, leave the game, etc.
4.5. If you are not confident in your abilities, and you know in advance that you will play badly in your role – in this case it is better to place an order as solo boosting. Be smart, value your time and ours. During the duo games, our person will not teach you the intricacies of the game. He will certainly be able to suggest some moments, but we want you not to confuse duo-bust with training.
4.6. If, in the process of duo-boost, our performer reveals serious violations by the client, we have the right to demand that the order be completed in solo (on the main client account), with a small bonus in the form of LP packing on top, at our discretion. In this case, the funds in this case are not refundable.


4.7. The learning process is carried out according to individual requirements and customer criteria. The client selects the desired rank of the trainer on the site, indicates his main role, the server, the number of hours. Further, it fills in the required data fields, leaves wishes, and indicates its most comfortable prime time, in which it will be convenient to conduct a training session. Then there is the process of paying for the order.
4.8. After a successful registration and payment of the order, we select and allocate to the client our coach, who fully fits all your specified criteria. Our person contacts you, negotiates, and specifies the date and time of launch.
4.9. The entire learning process takes place in a purely personal manner. For voice, we use either Skype or Discord.

In order to get the most complete knowledge and skills, and significantly raise your skill game to a new level – we advise you to take a comprehensive package, at least from 10 hours or more. In this case, we will be able to cover the whole range of necessary items, namely:

• We will teach you how to farm correctly on your chosen line \ in the jungle
• We will teach you to properly position yourself on the map, and also let you know in what situation you need to roam / push / retreat
• Analyze your games and point out serious mistakes made during the whole game.
• We will advise on various types of assemblies of items, what kind of setup the items should be collected against and why
• Tell the subtleties and nuances of the game on a particular champion
• Let’s pick up competent runes under your pool of champions
• We will talk about how it is necessary to control various game objects, what to do in the early stage of the game \ in mid \ and leit games
• If you are new – we will teach you from scratch all the most important moments.

All our coaches are professional players with years of experience and experience of the game. Each client at the stage of placing an order decides for himself what grade he needs a coach. We are ready to offer coaches from the Diamond League – this option is most suitable for beginners, so as not to overpay for basic knowledge. Finishing the top Challenger league players who participate in various tournaments, taking high places – this option is suitable for those who already have a high rank on their server and want to raise their skill in high-elo to an even higher level with a certain role.

5. Important notes:

5.1. It is strictly forbidden to play ranked games during your order! Even if our man went to sleep \ went away on personal business \ he was simply not online, and he didn’t finish the order completely – you are absolutely forbidden to play ranked games in the mode that was ordered on your account until the order completed completely on our side.
• The penalty for playing “Ranked” during the execution of the order is minus 30% of the cost of the full division in your league. That is, if you, even by negligence, randomly played rank games at the time when your order was not completed completely yet, or knocked our booster out of the game while choosing a champion in the lobby – We stop boosting your account and wait surcharges, in the form of a fine for non-compliance with the conditions and the loss of our time. Or finish the order not to the end.
5.2. In case, if per win customer account got less than 18 LP, and you did not indicate this when placing the order, we may request an additional charge for boosting. Since this will mean that you have a low MMR, and we need to spend more time and energy to boost your account. The surcharge usually varies in this case from 30% to 50%.
• If the account receives from 15 to 17 LP for the victory – the surcharge will be 30%
• If the account receives less than 15 LP for winning, the surcharge will be 50%
5.3. We are not responsible for the account after boosting. We guarantee quality work with maximum security for your account, but we are not responsible for the follow-up by the administration of the server.
5.4. When placing an order on the website, approximate terms for its implementation are indicated. In case we don’t meet these deadlines, we usually ask you to wait some more time, as the situations are different for everyone. Matchmaking (selection of players) can throw trolls \ feeders \ afk-shhere in the team, because of which actually can be defeated. Because of this, the timing of the boost can move a little. But as a rule, if this happens, the increase in time is not time critical, and this happens very rarely.
5.5. Also, the dates can be slightly increased during the duo-boost, especially when the customer plays a mediocre role on his account, or cannot play many games per day.
5.6. If during the duo-boost it turns out that the client is very bad at playing its role on an ongoing basis, we have the right to ask to complete such an order in solo for the amount paid by the customer. You have to understand that if systematically because of you there are defeats, and you do not “pull” your elo rank, it will be very difficult for us to boost your account in the duo queue. Therefore, we will be to finish it solo.
5.7. If during the boost your account was downgraded to -1 division (this sometimes happens when customers provide an account with 0 LP and two defeats) – in case of an unsuccessful first game and a decrease by one division down – we will free it and return it back to you “At your own expense.” In this case, do not worry, because sometimes there are trolls in the team who specifically merge the game. In this situation, you do not need to pay extra.
5.8. We try to quickly and promptly start each order. Delays in starting are extremely rare. But if this happens, we always notify our customers of a possible delay in the start due to the heavy workload of our people.
5.9. You, customer accept that by buying our service you are aware that you cannot dispute any purchase after the order is done or the service has been partially completed, and that you as a customer cannot violate the rules of ChargeBacks stipulated in any payment method provided by
5.10. If necessary, and at the request of the client, we can use a VPN.

Please note that sending money to us when placing an order – you (the customer) automatically agree with all the above conditions and obligations. Not knowing these conditions does not relieve you from liability and fines in case of violation of any item of the rules.