Feedbacks from our customers

Platinum 1Diamond 3
Platinum I - Diamond III

Order was with pref role on adc. Booster was cool and friendly dude. if I ever bought another boost from your service I’d hope that I’d be lucky enough to have him again. He’s person that deserves a 5 star rating


When new season start i ordered 10 placements. Total result 9 win 1 lose. I got diamond 4, was done in 10 hours. I’m happy!

Diamond 4Diamond 2
Diamond IV - Diamond II

Booster highely recomended he is sick and calm order in 1 day amazing

Old division silver 3Old division gold 5
Silver III - Gold V

I really appreciated your service

Old division gold 4Old division diamond 5
Gold IV - Diamond V

Good quality and fast!

Old division platinum 5Old division diamond 5
Platinum V - Diamond V

Cool and positive guys playing to boost you . They will keep it in secret so don’t be afraid to purchase it’s not a scam +rep from me :)

Old division platinum 2Old division diamond 5
Platinum II - Diamond V

I was informed that the guys were very busy at the end of the season. Because of this, the order was started with a slight delay. But despite this order was done during ~2.5 days! Thanks. All prices really cheaper then all another boosting services. I’m very happy that I found your service.

Old division diamond 5Old division master tier
Diamond V - Master

Everything is very cool, for one week D5-MASTER will done! I will not say that order will done very fast, but everything suited me. Prices are really very low – respect guys! Booster really plays very cool, watched his game and was surprised with his every move. In general, I am very pleased and will be ordering from you now every season)) Thanks!

Old division silver 2Old division platinum 4
Silver II - Platinum IV

Great service, fast start and the manager is a really good guy! I recommend!

Old division silver 5Old division gold 5
Silver V - Gold V

I bought a bundle of five divisions for a really good price. Order done quickly

Old division gold 1Old division platinum 5
Gold I - Platinum V

Ordered g1 – d5 duoQ and we had a lot of fun! The booster was very skilled and friendly. Order was finished within a week.

Old division platinum 4Old division diamond 5
Platinum IV - Diamond V

Just got a p4->d5 boost, amazing prices, fast service and efficient team ! The manager is very pro and listen to you during all the boost. 100% Trust I really recommend this guys !

Old division gold 4Old division platinum 5
Gold IV - Platinum V

My boy here, did g4-p5 in 2 days w/o any issues

Much love

Old division platinum 3Old division diamond 5
Platinum III - Diamond V

Great work.

Prompt service and quick to get to action.
Finished my job in 3 days.

Would recommend and they offer great prices.