Feedbacks from our customers

Old division silver 5Old division gold 5
Silver V - Gold V

I bought a bundle of five divisions for a really good price. Order done quickly

Old division gold 1Old division platinum 5
Gold I - Platinum V

Ordered g1 – d5 duoQ and we had a lot of fun! The booster was very skilled and friendly. Order was finished within a week.

Old division platinum 4Old division diamond 5
Platinum IV - Diamond V

Just got a p4->d5 boost, amazing prices, fast service and efficient team ! The manager is very pro and listen to you during all the boost. 100% Trust I really recommend this guys !

Old division gold 4Old division platinum 5
Gold IV - Platinum V

My boy here, did g4-p5 in 2 days w/o any issues

Much love

Old division platinum 3Old division diamond 5
Platinum III - Diamond V

Great work.

Prompt service and quick to get to action.
Finished my job in 3 days.

Would recommend and they offer great prices.