Feedbacks from our customers

Platinum 3Diamond 4
Platinum III - Diamond IV

i searched all sites you have the best EUW prices. would definitely order a boost from here again in the future.

Silver 3Gold 4
Silver III - Gold IV

Good and cheap

Gold 1Platinum 4
Gold I - Platinum IV

Approx 14 hours and my order was done. Brilliant. Love this service

Diamond 2Master
Diamond II - Master

Definitely I can recommend this site. All my wishes were considered. Never seen such a great gameplay. They do fast and good job, kind manager!

Platinum 3Diamond 4
Platinum III - Diamond IV

I’m watched some games, the booster was very skilled. Thanks!

Gold 2Platinum 4
Gold II - Platinum IV

did great and fast, only lost 3 games out of a lot due to other lanes. would recommend

Gold 1Diamond 4
Gold I - Diamond IV

Big Respect. Verified service! Booster played a lot of games per day, good kda. See ya soon again :) 5 of 5 Stars!

Silver 3Gold 2
Silver III - Gold II

Omg guys, you provide really low prices! I’m contacting in this service for the first time, booster was awesome, did everything quickly and with a high win rate.

Platinum 4Diamond 4
Platinum IV - Diamond IV

As always, great service, best prices and open communication through all stages.

Diamond 3Diamond 2
Diamond III - Diamond II

Fast and Furious. Best DuoQ. If you are looking for Duo partner helping you out then this is the right site!

Few games he carried but mostly it was about a macro play and who gets the pull which is way better in two.

The only thing you need is to listen and you will be more than fine in every DuoQ with boosters from this site. I fully recommend!

Platinum 4Platinum 3
Platinum IV - Platinum III

The booster do is so Well. He was good and fast

Diamond 1Master
Diamond I - Master

Smooth and easy communication, quality service.

Gold 1Platinum 4
Gold I - Platinum IV

Amazing job. There’s not more to say. Trustable, fast and amazing playing. Totally recomended.

Platinum 1Diamond 4
Platinum I - Diamond IV

Really good booster, carry lots of games, as solo support. Really wp.

Diamond 1Master
Diamond IV - Master

I spectated a lot of matches and got big experience in the process of increasing my rank! i tell thanks my booster and appreciate his efforts, and operator too thank you, nice price and excellent work